FRIDAY - August 7, 1618

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TUESDAY - October 29, 1476

//this is my short study on chairs...

//you spend your life on chairs   -  or sitting...                               

you eat on a chair. work. travel. fuck. dream. die. remember.

  oil paint on canvas

 ink on paper


 ink on paper

contact . donaldjeunglee@gmail.com



SATURDAY - June 15, 1201

I ran out of material...

//so i butchered an old IKEA box...

water based paint on cardboard

Everyone knows these nude Statue of Liberty's I have been doing for the past 3 years.

I imagine I'll be doing these forever & until the day I die.

//Liberty should always be transparent.

///How can we be completely free if Liberty is covered?

////Let her be nude. Forever.


THURSDAY - August 12, 104

The Union Square Project is the label I've used when talking with my closet friends about my next seasonal endeavor.

Summer '13 is when I'll, for the first time, set-up a spot in 14th St.
Union Square to showcase the next series of art concentrating on the 5 boroughs of NYC. All summer long.

I've started with my home Borough.

water based paint & wax on canvas

Manhattan/ Queens/ Staten Island/ the Bronx

the goal is to meet many, many new people. 


MONDAY - Febuary 7, 2850

New art for art show in NYC later this year...//New art for art show in NYC later this year...//


THURSDAY - March 3, 2011

photo credit: Molly Dolkart